K A R A in all the formats!

My new sci-fi/fantasy novel, K A R A is now available not only on Amazon for you Kindle lovers, but on iTunes/iBooks, Barnes and Noble for the Nook users, and also for Kobo, Scribd and Page Foundry users. Paperback is available Amazon.com and will be live on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon’s other European sites very soon.┬áSee www.martincosgrove.com for links to various formats.

The new ebook editions come with an alternative cover. Oooo!


Godless Acres

They fell to earth that day, the former Gods.
Once feared and revered in equal measure.
They fell to earth that day, and were at odds
with lowly mortals who did take great pleasure
in spying once divine and merciless masters
now wanton, bloodied creatures spread on rainless ground;
unsceptred hands did claw at long dead pastures
while peasants starved and crazed did feast on those uncrowned.
They fell to earth that day, those one-time makers;
and left behind cracked bones on godless acres.

by Martin Cosgrove

The Wise Man

The wise man’s heart contains no truths untrue;
he follows not the ones who claimed they knew.

No church, no holy text, no guilt, nor chains–
he is set free from devils and their flames.

He meditates on wondrous Nature’s self,
and leaves contrived commandments on the shelf.

by Martin Cosgrove